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We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service to our licensee partners. From the application process to royalty management and beyond, we’re there to provide assistance, information and support to each licensed manufacturer.

Anti-­Sweatshop Information

We require all active licensees to disclose detailed information regarding manufacturing locations used to produce licensed merchandise. Manufacturers applying for a license are required to disclose this information during the application process.

Minimally, we require each licensee to adhere to the code set forth by the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

Several of our clients are members of the Worker’s Rights Consortium (WRC).

Many schools have chose to adopt their own code of conduct to better state the needs and interests requested by the individual university communities.

About Trademarx® Online

Trademarx Online

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Trademarx® Online is the brand name for a wide array of trademark management tools developed by us. The Trademarx family of products combines years of experience in license management with cutting-edge technology to create full-service solutions for the licensing industry.

These tools include:

Trademarx Artwork Solution

Trademarx Artwork Solution

A custom-designed program that provides authorized customers with access to production-ready artwork. The artwork solution's main focus is the Trademarx Online system, which allows authorized users to download artwork directly to their desktop from a secure online environment.

Trademarx Approval Solution

Trademarx Approval Solution

A web-based system designed to help streamline the artwork approval process for both manufacturers and trademark owners. The online tool provides all users the ability to easily submit, review and approve design submissions.

Trademarx Licensing Software

Trademarx Licensing Software

An all-inclusive web-based licensing management tool that combines power and versatility with a user-friendly design, enabling licensing programs of all sizes to effectively and efficiently manage their information.

Once you complete the licensing process you will receive a username and password that will provide access to the system. Log on to Trademarx at