Licensing Resource Group


We Are LRG

We're passionate. We're not afraid to make a little noise or wear our hearts on our sleeves. Most of all, we're not shy about wanting to help our clients succeed.

We're the Licensing Resource Group, a trademark management company that isn't afraid to challenge the status quo. Since our founding in 1991, we've been an aggressive industry leader that has worked to change old methods and perceptions of collegiate licensing, created industry-leading technology, and blazed trails in brand development, online enforcement and license management. From customer service and full account management to creative marketing and merchandising, we infuse spirit, pride and dedication into everything we do.

We're not an agent... we're a partner, and we're there, game day or any day, to help each client achieve their licensing goals. Our team boasts some of the most dynamic and passionate leaders in the industry, and our dedication to creating true partnerships has helped hundreds of colleges, universities, athletic conferences and special properties nationwide achieve greater brand awareness and royalty revenues.

What We Do

We provide full license management services to more than 180 colleges and universities, athletic conferences and special properties nationwide. These services include:

  • Full license management
  • Royalty collection and accounting services
  • Legal and trademark search/registration assistance
  • Complete trademark enforcement/anti-counterfeiting services
  • Marketing, merchandising and brand development services

In addition to full management, LRG also works with more than 40 colleges, universities and special properties to provide assistance on a per-service basis. This customized approach allows independently-managed institutions to obtain assistance when and where they need it, and provides a cost-effective alternative to a more traditional full-service package.